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IT Procurement


NZCSL provides the following services to Lease Companies, Corporate and Government Bodies for the disposal of End of Life IT Equipment

Pre-Evaluation and pricing of equipment

NZCSL can provide a general assessment of market value of your end-of-life IT equipment. With our experienced team of Sales Professionals we can provide sound advice of the Used IT Market with competitive and realistic pricing.

Nationwide Door to Door collection of IT Assets

NZCSL can facilitate and mange the removal of your company's entire fleet of End of Life IT Equipment. Upon application NZCSL can provide for packaging of all items and door-to-door collection.

A structured report outlining specifications and condition of each individual asset

NZCSL can deal with the important process of listing your company's end of life IT Assets. Through years of experience we have developed systems that document each individual asset including serial number, specification/configuration, and condition of hardware.

Safe and secure destruction of confidential data to the highest standards possible

NZCSL utilizes special software (that even International Military organisations would approve of) to delete all confidential data that may reside on your company's computer hard disk drives.

Storage and redistribution of IT Equipment

With a team experienced in logistics and warehousing, NZCSL can facilitate :

  • short-term and long-term storage of end-of-life IT hardware
  • roll-out of new equipment
  • redistribution into any other areas as required

Environment Friendly decommissioning and recycling of non-working equipment

NZCSL recycles used & non-working IT Equipment using methods that have minimal impact on the environment.

NZCSL can provide you with the best rates in the market for your end-of-life IT equipment. If you would like a no obligation assessment for your companies used IT equipment, then please contact:

Ph: +64 9 580 4990


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